The Genus MenoidiumPerty 1852

Perty, M.: Zur Kenntnis kleinster Lebensformen nach Bau, Funktionen, Systematik, mit Spezialverzeichnis der in der Schweiz beobachteten Arten. -Bern 1852.

Lee, John J., Hunter, Seymour H., & Bovee, Eugene C. (eds) An illustrated Guide to the Protozoa The Society of Protozoologists. 1985.


One emergent flagellum; the 2nd (non-emergent flagellum) ends within reservoir (Presence of 2nd flagellum now confirmed by electron microscopy, see Fig. 24); emergent flagellum fully mobile during swimming; colourless, osmotrophic; no eyespot; rigid, solitary, elongated, curved, strongly flattened; pellicle with delicate striations (shown by electron microscopy to consist of pellicular strips completely fused into a single unit, Figl 24); canal opening apical, at end of anterior neck; cell inclusions as for Rhabdomonas; cysts and palmellae unknown; numberous species, all freshwater. See pringsheim (1942,1963), Christen (1963), Leedale & Hibberd )1974). Related genera are Gyropaigne Skuja, with ovoid unflattened cells, and Parmidium Christen, with ovoid, greatly compressed cells. (from Illustrated Guide)